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Spider veins are telangiectasia, small, thread-like bluish veins underneath the skin. Spider veins generally develop because of underlying problems. Spider veins are associated with networks of dilated “feeder veins” which appear as small blue veins or varicose veins. Dr. Kuefner categorizes spider veins and reticular veins as “small vein disease.”

The predisposition to develop spider veins tends to run in families. Spider veins are not only a cosmetic problem. The majority of patients treated at The Vein Center Orland Park experience symptoms of leg cramping or restless leg syndrome prior to being treated. These symptoms can be severely disruptive to an individual’s daily activities and sleep. Other common symptoms with small vein disease are aching, pain, throbbing and fatigue of the legs.

Take Advantage of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard of treatment for spider veins against which all other spider vein treatment modalities are compared. Sclerotherapy is an effective method of eradicating the largest varicose veins to the smallest spider veins. It involves injecting an FDA approved medication into the abnormal vein. The medication causes an irritation of the lining of the vein and vein wall. The veins are then compressed with a compression stocking, which promotes closure of the abnormal veins. After each sclerotherapy treatment, Dr. Kuefner advises you to walk every day to promote healing. The treated veins are very thin walled blood vessels. Once they are closed you can no longer see them and symptoms usually resolve since the blood is no longer allowed to pool and stagnate within the abnormal veins. While an individual’s response to any medication may vary, your outcome from sclerotherapy vein treatment will be directly related to the experience of the physician performing the procedure.

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All of the varicose veins and spider veins shown in the photographs on this website were treated with sclerotherapy using FDA approved medications by Dr. Kuefner. Photographs are presented for illustrative and educational purposes only. Individual results can vary.  For more information about  spider vein treatment, schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation. Contact Dr. Kuefner at The Vein Center of Orland Park today.





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