Find out how Dr. Kuefner can help you.

New Patient Consultations

If you are seeking treatment for varicose vein disease your first step is to schedule an appointment for a medical consultation. Anticipate at least 1 hour for your visit.  A comprehensive ultrasound evaluation of your legs will be performed during this visit. The ultrasound evaluation is necessary to determine the cause of your vein problems and to formulate a vein treatment plan. It is also required when  obtaining predetermination of benefits from your healthcare provider. Dr. Kuefner and his nurse are both Registered Vascular Technicians (RVT). There is usually no need to for you to return for your ultrasound examination on another day or to be referred to  another facility to obtain your ultrasound evaluation or ultrasound mapping.

During this evaluation, the cause of your vein related problem will be diagnosed, Dr. Kuefner will review your vein treatment options and a treatment plan will be formulated. Your medical consultation should be covered through your healthcare plan.  Dr. Kuefner will give ample time to discuss and answer questions you may have about your vein related problem and treatment options. 

We routinely submit requests for predetermination of benefits from your insurance carrier to maximize your benefits and allow you to estimate your insurance coverage. Dr. Kuefner participates with BlueCross/BlueShield PPO, Cigna PPO, most Union Plans, most major health care plans, Medicare, FEHP, CPS, and City of Chicago. Dr. Kuefner does not participate with Medicaid, HMO Plans or United HealthCare Plans.

If you are seeking treatment for spider veins of your legs for cosmetic reasons only your first step is to schedule a complimentary spider vein consultation. Anticipate at least 30 minutes for your visit. During your evaluation a screening ultrasound will be performed to exclude a more serious underlying problem that may be contributing to the development of your spider veins. Dr. Kuefner will discuss your treatment options and outline a treatment plan.

If you are seeking treatment for facial spider veins your first step is to schedule a complimentary facial vein consultation. Anticipate less than 30 minutes for this visit. You will be examined under a magnified double polarized light source. Your vein treatment options will be discussed and a treatment program will be presented.