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Treatment of Facial Spider Veins

For individuals with facial spider veins, see Dr. Kuefner and the staff at The Vein Center of Orland Park. There is no longer a need to cover your face in hopes of hiding those unsightly spider veins. The Vein Center of Orland Park can help you resolve your facial spider veins.

Dr. Kuefner is pleased to offer Veinwave technology in his office in Orland Park, IL. The technology was developed by vascular surgeons in England specifically for the treatment of spider veins.The Veinwave has been used in England for over 15 years treating facial spider veins commonly associated with rosacea. Veinwave utilizes an ultra-fine insulated needle to accurately focus on a small and controlled amount of high frequency microwave energy precisely directed at tiny blood vessels. The Veinwave vein treatment technology minimizes collateral injury to the skin thus minimizing the risk of scarring and pigmentation. The Veinwave treatment is a safe and effective vein treatment with immediate results and a short healing period. Veinwave is well tolerated by patients and no bandaging is required. After the Veinwave treatment you’ll walk out of our office feeling more comfortable and confident with your appearance.

The Veinwave treatment offers:

  • Excellent safety profile
  • Immediate results
  • No bandages    
  • Minimal or no bruising    

The Vein Center of Orland Park offers a complimentary consultation for patients interested in treatment for facial spider veins. Call the Vein Center of Orland Park today. (708) 460-8800




*Individual results may vary