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Compression Stockings and Vein Treatment

Graduated compression supporting vein walls, helping venous blood flow to the heart

Modern day prescription support hose are manufactured in such a way they no longer resemble the stockings your parents or grandparents wore. We use graduated compression stockings which are made in such a way that the greatest compression is at the foot and ankle. The compression gradually decreases as the stocking goes up the leg. This physiologically aids in returning the blood back to the heart. Graduated support stockings reduce the stagnation of blood in the legs thereby reducing swelling, risks of blood clots, formation of varicose veins during pregnancy and symptoms often associated with vein disease.

Prescription support stockings are used in conjunction with treatment to minimize risks and promote healing of treated veins. They are commonly prescribed for use during pregnancy to reduce the development of varicose, spider veins and leg swelling. Patients with varicose veins, spider veins or swelling of their legs should use prescription support stockings during long car or air travel to reduce swelling and risks of blood clotting in the veins associated with reduced mobility.

We stock an extensive  supply of graduated prescription support stockings for all applications which we fit specifically to the individual patient.