Veinwave technology has a number of uses in the field of phlebology (the medical branch that deals with veins and their afflictions). At Vein Center of Orland Park, we frequently use Veinwave technology to treat facial spider veins often associated with rosacea. Many patients often have questions about Veinwave technology, including how it works, if it will hurt, and recovery time. We always like being able to take the time and address those questions.

Does Veinwave Hurt?

The most frequently asked question about Veinwave vein treatment is if it will hurt. Most patients experience little to no pain at all during the duration of the procedure. In fact, the treatment itself calls for an ultra-fine insulated needle so that each vein can be pinpointed. The size of the needle allows the Veinwave treatment to be as painless as possible. Patients who experience any pain at all often report a small, brief pinching feeling.

How Does Veinwave Work?

Reading the word “needle” can be scary, but don’t worry—the needle barely penetrates the skin. Veinwave uses the fine-tipped needle (just 0.0075 mm in length) to focus in on the vein. The needle uses microwave pulses to deliver heat precisely to the target, which in turn destroys the spider vein. Because the needle is so thin, it’s able to pinpoint the exact vein to minimize collateral injury to the surrounding area. That means the risk of scarring and pigmentation is drastically minimized.

What’s the Recovery Time for Spider Vein Treatment?

The recovery time for spider vein removal treatment with Veinwave is minimal. Because the Veinwave treatment is minimally invasive, there are no bandages required. Other than the obviously cleared up veins, the only visual evidence that you’ve had the Veinwave procedure may be some redness that fades away within one to two hours.

When Can I See Results from Veinwave Treatment?

Most patients see substantial improvement in the appearance of spider veins after two to three treatment sessions. At Vein Center of Orland Park, we generally space the treatments one month apart. The majority of patients begin to notice a difference after the first treatment. Over the following two to three days you may see even more improvement, as your skin restores itself.

How Can I Learn More About Veinwave?

Veinwave is a safe and effective way of getting rid of spider veins. That’s why we offer free consultation for patients who are interested in learning more about facial spider vein treatment. Dr. Kuefner offers this treatment at Vein Center of Orland Park because he’s seen firsthand how well it works and how happy it makes our patients. If you’re looking to get rid of those pesky facial spider veins, schedule an appointment today!   708-460-8800