If you are one of the many people who have noticed the troublesome little blue veins appearing on your legs that gradually worsen and develop over time, you are developing spider veins. You might start to feel self-conscious and concerned about the appearance of your legs. Even more so, spider veins can cause Restless Leg Syndrome, cramping and itching in people that are severely affected by this small vein disease. We at Vein Center of Orland Park would like to help you understand what spider veins are, how they occur, and how they can be treated to bring back your self-confidence.

How Do Spider Veins Appear?

Spider veins are caused by an abnormal increase of venous pressure just under the skin surface. There are a variety of reasons someone can develop spider veins over time. Women are nearly three times more likely to get them than men. In women, hormonal changes and effects of abnormal pressure on the venous system during pregnancy. Some people simply have a predisposition to develop spider veins by factors they inherited from one or more of their family members. The veins in your legs are constantly fighting against gravity to keep blood flowing towards your heart, by the aid of muscle contraction preventing venous blood from pooling. However, spider veins come as a result of of abnormal increase in venous pressure causing veins to continue to dilate and worsen over time.

Is It Common To Get Spider Veins?

Yes! In fact, it is quite common. Millions of Americans are affected by spider veins and thankfully it is easily treatable. If you are developing spider veins, don’t feel like you are alone. As stated previously, women have much higher odds of developing spider veins than men. Things that can help combat the development of spider veins include avoiding long periods of standing and regular exercise..

Spider Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard of treating spider veins. Sclerotherapy is the technique of injecting an FDA approved medication into an abnormal vein and using compression stockings to help close them after treatment. Once a patient is finished with an appointment, we recommend going for walks to increase blood flow to the legs, which promotes healing.

Vein Center of Orland Park

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